We’d had it on our calendars, but once Harvey started to bear down on Texas, we kind of forgot all about the 10-day March to Confront White Supremacy, known on Twitter as #Cville2DC. Thanks to some much-needed publicity provided by actor Mark Ruffalo, we managed to catch up with the march on Day 4.

Here’s the press release for the March to Confront White Supremacy, which is winding from Charlottesville, Va., to Washington, D.C., while most people’s eyes are on Houston and the uplifting stories of selflessness and bravery and generosity. (Forget that Charlie Hebdo cover for now.)

For those who can’t be bothered to zoom in, let it suffice to say that lefty groups like Color of Change and Women’s March are all in. Here’s what it looks like on the ground, and if you find you have too much money left over after donating to Harvey relief, you could always buy a poncho or umbrella for the marchers.

We’re not sure what this is doing outside of virtue signaling, but if it grates on the nerves of those clowns and their tiki torches, it’s fine with us.

[Insert hearty golf clap SFX]

Speaking of white supremacy, here’s #Cville2DC encouraging everyone to check out the Women’s March’s retweet of a Voxsplainer on DACA, which only a white supremacist would oppose.

We’re sure some lefties will give us flak, but we’re pretty sure we’ve given the march more coverage than the mainstream media has at this point — and they’ve given the white supremacist “movement” way, way more coverage than it ever deserved.

* * *