Harvey is weird.

There’s no doubt that Houston is in trouble from flooding and needs help — and the good news is that it’s getting that help from a number of sources, ranging from the U.S. Coast Guard to the Cajun Navy.

But we’ve learned from Slate that the rescue effort in Houston really isn’t America at its best. Democrats are re-arguing the Sandy relief package and whether it was stuffed with pork rather than aid for hurricane victims. Republicans are already being bashed for failing to help in a time of crisis while citizens donate money … to kick President Trump off of Twitter.

It’s far too late not to politicize Harvey, but Ian Millhiser of ThinkProgress decided to take it all the way and declare President Trump’s tax reform proposal, unveiled in a speech Wednesday, as the most Republican thing ever.

Donald Trump’s a Republican? Maybe that should have been the headline.

Millhiser’s tweet really does make you think … that the most Democrat thing ever would have been the president raising taxes on “the rich” to 100 percent and then funneling a small percentage to flooding victims through a bloated bureaucracy with an overhead that would have choked any private charity out of existence.

We were wrong about the most Democrat thing ever.

And there’s the knockout, folks.

* * *