The president and first lady headed to Texas Tuesday morning to meet with local and state leaders leaders and to tour the Texas Department of Public Safety Emergency Operations Center, or DPS for short.

Many are seeing a bright side of Harvey in that Americans are putting politics aside for the moment and looking after their fellow citizens: rescuing people (and pets, and bats) from flood waters, opening their businesses to those in need of shelter, and making donations. Of course, there are those who just can’t help themselves, even during a crisis.

It looks like the Texas Young Dems are always ready to resist, even if the president is visiting to get an update on the relief effort.

Hey, the Texas Young Democrats are multifaceted and intersectional and can resist more than one thing at a time … look.

Take that, haters.

That’s pretty much the Democrat playbook this year.

Maybe the Young Democrats and the Trump supporters all teamed up afterward and joined in the relief effort? No, we didn’t think so.

* * *