As Twitchy reported Tuesday morning, reporters covering President and Mrs. Trump’s visit to Texas were distracted by the first lady’s choice of footwear: stiletto heels didn’t seem particularly “disaster friendly.”

Many mocked her FLOTUS hat, too, although it was a hit in certain circles.

The FLOTUS hat seemed to be a his-and-hers companion piece to her husband’s USA hat, but some journalists and watchdogs are concerned that the president has been using the response to #Harvey as a big product placement opportunity, seeing as the hat is available for sale on the Trump campaign website. And you thought the #MAGA hats caused a heart attack or two …

The former director of the Office of Government Ethics says this is a big no-no.

Make that three days.

We’re tempted to post a link to the site where you can buy your own USA hat, but 1) the people complaining about it have already given the Trump campaign shop enough publicity, and 2) we don’t think Trump is relying on hat sales to propel his reelection … if the left keeps freaking out over everything, he’s going to be president forever.

* * *