The editors of USA TODAY must be jealous that the New York Times and Washington Post are getting all the credit for being liberal thought leaders in the Trump era, so lately they’ve been stepping up their game.

On Sunday, 54 years after Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, the paper’s editorial board published a piece arguing that voting officials “ought to be scrambling for ways to prevent a repeat of Russian interference” — though we’d prefer the paper’s reporters actually state explicitly how Russia interfered and on whose orders, so we’ll recognize it if it does happen (again).

The “upshot,” you see, is that the GOP continues to have voting rights under “a double-barreled assault” that includes voter ID laws that demand
“specific forms of identification that few have.” Never mind that USA TODAY doesn’t mention what these rare forms or ID are, nor does it mention concessions by states to make sure they’re made available for free or at a nominal cost and with minimum effort.

According to some liberal judges who’ve ruled on voter ID laws, there’s really nothing more difficult than to get a voter ID if you’re poor, a minority, and likely to vote Democrat.

* * *