Maybe he should have said, “Back off, you CREEP!” in a really grating, robotic voice:

At a joint press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö Monday, President Donald Trump took questions from reporters and repeated his claim, tweeted Sunday, that Mexico would pay for the border wall that Nancy Pelosi called “immoral” in “one way or another.”

Through “reimbursement”? Especially after Senate Republicans managed to scuttle the repeal of Obamacare through what was called a “skinny repeal” effort, it’s looking less and less likely that many of Trump’s campaign promises are going to come to fruition. The designs for a wall, including a nifty model complete with solar panels, exist, but does the political will exist to follow up on those “Build the wall!” chants at Trump rallies?

It’s not often we link to the New Republic, but they’re on to something when they say there’s little chance that Congress will approve the funding for a border all … at least not the Congress we have sitting now.

There’s no chance as long as most of Congress seems to see a border wall as Pelosi does: immoral and expensive. Besides, who wants to do something immoral — defending a country’s border, for example — when Mexico has been so nice to the U.S. in totally unrelated ways?

Yes, Mexico did send help. Those weren’t Mexicans so eager to assist that they crossed the border illegally and decided to live here, though. That’s the thing about having a border is being able to choose who gets to come in and for what reasons.

Who wants to tell her there is a heavily guarded border around the White House … it’s called a fence, it’s patrolled by the Secret Service, plans are to make it higher, and while people were jumping it pretty regularly during the Obama administration, they even considered electrifying it and adding a moat (for real).

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