You wouldn’t know it from reading or watching the news, but there still is news out there being made. CNN reported Thursday that federal prosecutors scored a big win when a D.C. Superior Court judge ordered web-hosting firm Dreamhost to hand over information, including the membership lists maintained by the organizers of the website

The U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington, D.C., emphasized earlier this week that its focus lies solely on potential criminal acts perpetrated during Inauguration Day protests; that’s why CNN’s tweet is so unfortunate, as it makes it sound like the feds are looking into anyone who showed up to protest on January 20, feeding the cycle of paranoia.

Prosecutors indicted almost 200 people on local rioting charges connected to the inauguration; six police officers were reported injured as members of the antifa “smashed storefronts and bus stops, hammered out the windows of a limousine and eventually launched rocks at a phalanx of police lined up in an eastbound crosswalk.”

It looks like the administration is serious about tracking down and punishing rioters, but many who read CNN’s tweet were struck by that rather generic reference to “protesters.”

The antifa? Aren’t they pretty much the modern-day equivalent of the soldiers who landed at Normandy and fought the Nazis on D-Day? Or are they just thugs who smashed windows and set cars on fire because Trump was elected?

There was one other move in the right direction. Maybe readers weren’t thrilled to see criminals referred to as protesters, but it’s better than CNN’s previous attempt, which labeled them — drum roll — “Trump opponents.”

“Federal prosecutors pursue information on Trump opponents” … who threw rocks at police, vandalized businesses, and set cars on fire, while using websites like to coordinate their actions, such as a plan to halt the D.C. Metro using chains and another to stink bomb the “DeploraBall” celebration with butyric acid.

Oh, and the mainstream media and activist celebrities are just now finding out and slowly beginning to admit there are violent thugs on the left.

* * *