We’re not sure who was in charge of the ACLU’s Twitter feed today — maybe the regular gal took a long lunch with whoever is supposed to ensure Reuters’ tweets aren’t remarkably stupid. Someone should have known by now that a white baby and an American flag were not going to fly with the leftists who threaten to withhold donations whenever the ACLU takes an interest in the Second Amendment.

Chad Felix Greene happened to catch a particularly 2017 exchange on Wednesday.

Here’s a replay:

Seriously … who wants that? The ACLU was woke enough to express gratitude for being called out like that.

That is a very, very good point … and Twitter should immediately delete the ACLU’s account for spreading white supremacist values, or at least throw a digital tarp over their tweets to keep non-racist people from being triggered like that.

Before we click on any Instagram links, are we just going to be hit with more photos of white babies?

Stay calm, everyone. If only President Obama were here to say something comforting off of a teleprompter to assure us everything would turn out OK.

So a Democratic ad maker couldn’t find a baby of color, or didn’t think to look for a baby of color?

* * *