A tweet from the New York Times Wednesday posed a serious question following President Trump’s Tuesday night rally in Phoenix: How long before someone is hurt, or worse?

Of course, the piece to which the tweet links is focused on Trump’s contentious relationship with the press, and the true question is, how long before a journalist is hurt, or worse? Those within the media bubble really can’t see outside of it, can they? Some quick searches of the piece for the obvious keywords — Alexandria, Steve Scalise, shooting, James Hodgkinson, baseball team — turn up nothing.

Oh, that.

Much like those media tallies of terrorist attacks always seem to use Sept. 12, 2001 as their cutoff date, questions about violence always seem to reach back as far as is convenient to maintain the narrative. Remember the profound concern that Trump supporters would turn violent and riot after Hillary Clinton won the presidency handily on Election Day? Good times:

What about the riots in Portland after Hillary conceded the election? What about the riots outside of Trump campaign rallies in Albuquerque and San Jose that left Trump supporters hurt and bleeding? If journalists are the concern, how about addressing journalists seriously hurt by counter-protesters in Charlottesville? If the New York Times has space it needs to fill, some coverage of those unprovoked attacks could fit the bill, if not the narrative.

* * *