On Tuesday night, ESPN confirmed what people had been assured was not a satirical piece from The Onion, though it would have been a great one — announcer Robert Lee had been pulled from calling a college football game because it just “felt right” at the time, so soon after a woman had been killed while protesting white supremacists in Charlottesville.

In an email to reporters, ESPN said it all came down the simple coincidence of Lee’s name. We know that Merriam-Webster is quick to correct President Trump on Twitter whenever he goofs up, so we hope someone there is paying attention to Reuters’ feed today.

Someone made at least two attempts to convey the story in the space of a tweet, but the public was pretty certain that calling the Asian-American sports announcer General Robert E. Lee’s doppelgänger — his literal double — was pushing it.

Reuters gave it another try about an hour later, scrapping doppelgänger and going instead with namesake — implying Lee was named after the Confederate general.

The original story wasn’t The Onion, and Reuters’ coverage wasn’t The Onion either. The Onion might as well take the week off — their beat is covered.

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This ought to do it:

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