That ongoing investigation into exactly how the Russians hacked the 2016 election is certain to heat back up any day now, but until then, the nation’s reporters, much like firefighters, are having to find other burning buildings to run toward.

It’s not on fire, but President Donald Trump’s childhood home in Queens is a hot property now that it’s been listed on Airbnb, and reporters are sending back dispatches the likes of which we haven’t seen since journalists uncovered the creepy manner in which college-age Deadspin owner Ted Cruz used to wander around the women’s dorm area in a paisley bathrobe.

Just like firefighters!


Amanda Petrusich in the New Yorker:

A week earlier, firm in the belief that meaning can be wrung from all experiences, I’d arranged to spend a night in the house where Trump was conceived and lived, from infancy to age four. Now I held my sage aloft, like the Statue of Liberty gripping her torch. I’d read that ancient peoples believed that the herb had cleansing powers—that it could purify a space. I would excise these malevolent spirits in service of my country, or fall down a flight of stairs trying.

Gabrielle Fonrouge in the New York Post:

One of the bathrooms features a full-length mirror — disturbingly, right in front of the toilet.

The kitchen was so unimpressive, it’s not even worth mentioning, but it is apparently just like when Trump lived here.

The whole place smells like a church rectory, full of mothballs and lemon Pledge.

Andy Newman for the New York Times managed to dig up some controversy:

As I entered the access code and pushed open the door on Saturday afternoon, I felt a silence envelop me. There was a living room decorated with red-and-gold, Ethan-Allen-ish chairs and couches and a chaise longue meant to invoke a degree of midcentury splendor. Behind it was a dining room table with a large American flag folded across it. (Displaying the American flag on a dining table violates several provisions of the federal law known as the United States Flag Code, said Michael Buss, a flag expert and deputy director at the American Legion.)


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