There was plenty of talk on social media — as early as Sunday, in fact — that President Donald Trump would announce the deployment of 4,000 additional troops in Afghanistan during a prime-time address Monday night.

However, that number wasn’t mentioned by the president during his address. In fact, he announced a strategy that seemed to be an unspoken rebuke to his predecessor: the U.S. won’t be announcing things like attack plans or timetables for withdrawal.

He really is crazy! What happened to giving the enemy the date troops would be pulled out so they could bide their time?

As far as the press could tell, the man could shoot rainbows from the palms of his hands … he couldn’t help it.

CNN’s media correspondent seems confused somehow.

Yeah, thanks for helping leak that.

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Stelter still seems a bit astounded:

CNN’s Jim Acosta also seems super bummed that President Trump wasted his time.

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