The poll, conducted after a full week of media coverage of Charlottesville and the aftermath, was sponsored and funded by the Washington Post and ABC News, but it was the headline and tweet added by The Hill that really spiced things up and convinced a lot of people on social media that the number of Nazis in the United States is in the double digits.

Wow, that really is high. Support for neo-Nazi views near the double-digits?

Yeah, about that … we have some questions, especially after an NPR/PBS/Marist poll conducted the week before found that 4 percent of American adults “mostly agree” with the white supremacy movement, and that number (thought still uncomfortably high) was pretty evenly spread among Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

And speaking of Independents, of those responding to the Washington Post/ABC News poll, 42 percent of those responding said they considered themselves Independents, 33 percent were Democrats, and only 22 percent were Republicans. That’s … odd.

And for what it’s worth — we’re not the polling experts here — the question asked in this new poll wasn’t, “Do you hold Nazi beliefs?” Rather, it was, “Do you yourself think it’s acceptable or unacceptable to hold neo-Nazi or white supremacist views?” Who knows how many of those polled took that to mean it’s OK to be a neo-Nazi, and how many interpreted it as being free to hold a viewpoint, no matter how heinous?

Too late to reword the question and the sensational headline, huh?

We’d give numbers of those who said it was acceptable to hold communist views/support the antifa movement, but no one asked this time around.

Alternative headline:

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