As CNN reported last week, “experts” — that is, an assistant professor of political science at the University of Alabama — say that “alt-left” is just a made-up term, a slur. There is no real equivalent to the “alt-right” across the aisle, as long as you don’t count that extreme fringe in the antifa who wear matching black hoodies, bring baseball bats and pepper spray to pro-Trump rallies, and riot and start fires on May Day while calling for an end to capitalism. But they’re just a small minority.

Word is out, though, and i24NEWS’s David Shuster is also helping spread the word that alt-left is just a smear, and it’s especially repugnant when centrist, Hillary-supporting Democrats use it to smear the far-left Bernie Bros.

That video is a few days old, so maybe Shuster was trying to stir up some interest by shaming MSNBC contributor Joan Walsh and host Joy Ann Reid into a pubic Twitter fight. Walsh has been using alt-left in her tweets for quite a while, but this tweet perhaps offers her definition most clearly.

Like we said, maybe a name-and-shame approach would bring the issue to light? It worked, and Walsh wasn’t thrilled to have it mansplained to her what terms she is and isn’t allowed to use.

Didn’t Shuster used to anchor for MSNBC? Damned if we’d know, but that’s what his Twitter bio says.

But back to the topic at hand:

Yes, they’re just liberals who want health care for everyone, and will put on a kerchief and hoodie and beat you with a baseball bat until you either agree with them or just agree to shut up.

* * *