Plenty of people showed up to protest outside of Speaker Paul Ryan’s “fake” CNN town hall Monday night. Yes, it was a town hall by CNN’s standards, but it didn’t follow the (literal) instruction manual of the group Indivisible, and the crowd wasn’t given free reign to freak out.

The start was delayed by a half-hour so that CNN could carry President Trump’s speech on his Afghanistan and South Asia strategy, but it was pretty clear from the start that its was Trump’s comments from the week before that were going to guide the course of the night.

That pretty well sums up the first batch of questions from a perfectly diverse selection of constituents.

Though Ryan said Trump’s original statement on Charlottesville was a mistake and morally ambiguous, Tapper corrected him quickly:

Good question.

Maybe Ryan should have taken his chances with the Indivisible crowd and gone with the armed escort out of the building — not that he would have gotten any credit for denouncing Trump’s statement on social media. Tough crowd.

* * *