It would be incorrect to say the media has been going on for a full week now about the rising tide of white supremacy in America. Actually, they’ve been at it much longer than that: last November, the Associated Press offered journalists guidance on use of the term, “alt-right,” and in December, the New York Times published a lengthy piece on the people who make up the “alt-right.”

All the while, a Pew poll showed that 54 percent of Americans knew “nothing at all” about the movement. The media has certainly taken care of that issue in the meantime, though … now if only they’d admit to the existence of an “alt-left.”

So it’s a confusing time to be alive … apparently America is being overrun with a revitalized white supremacist movement, and yet about a billion people seemed to show up in Boston to protest a “free-speech rally” that reportedly attracted a few dozen and broke up after about an hour.

As Twitchy pointed out, one certainly didn’t want to be caught wearing MAGA gear in Boston today, especially without matching earplugs. If America at large really is so intolerant, then how is it that drag queens and witches are comfortably protesting alongside everyone else in a show against intolerance?

Many pointed out that those drag queens were actually members of the Boston chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, recently seen closing out Pride Month at the Boston Public Library hosting story time for the kids.

As BuzzFeed’s Blake Montgomery pointed out, there were also witches out and about protesting. W.I.T.C.H. Boston describes itself as an “intersectional coven organized to mobilize.”

So along with the antifa in their black hoodies and helmets, we have men dressed as nuns caught in an explosion at the make-up counter and an intersectional coven of activist witches all doing their thing in response to a few dozen “alt-righters.”

Indeed. Keep this post in mind whenever someone on the left complains that America hasn’t changed or compares this protest to the landing at Normandy.

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