As satisfying as it can be to see a Republican president call out the mainstream media for trafficking in fake news, Donald Trump really isn’t helping his case with tweets like his apparent response to a suspected terror attack in Barcelona, Spain, Thursday.

Because it’s a tale that Trump told on the campaign trail, fact-checkers had already debunked the story of Gen. John Pershing ordering 50 Muslim prisoners shot with bullets dipped in pigs’ blood. And when everyone in the “fake news” business is aware that the myth has been debunked, well, it looks something like this.

And Tapper rips off the Band-Aid:

Well … at least Trump’s tweet briefly distracted the press from his statement on Charlottesville Tuesday? We’ve got nothin’.

Could he try harder? He has a point about fake news, but undercutting his own credibility like this will make sure the media never acknowledges it.

* * *