As with so many movements that originate on the left, the battle over Confederate monuments has reached the point where, to paraphrase President George W. Bush, you’re either with the left (and their media cheerleaders), or you’re against them.

For example, you either “evolve” as quickly as President Obama did on the issue of gay marriage and bake the wedding cake for the same-sex couple, or your family business is destroyed to punish you for your homophobia.

And now that a cowardly but deadly terrorist act in Charlottesville has pushed a tiny minority of white supremacists to the front of the news cycle for the indeterminate future, you’d better do something today to prove you’re not a Nazi — check out how the City of Baltimore made its Confederate statues disappear literally overnight.

It’s a great time for leftist groups to capitalize on the issue (check out the connection between the communist party and the toppling of that Confederate statue in Durham, N.C.), and NARAL isn’t shy about getting in on the act, comparing pro-lifers to white supremacists, because why not.

Well, we sure are learning a lot about white supremacists that we didn’t know thanks to extensive news reports, hot takes in fashion magazines, and tweets like NARAL’s.

The thing is, clicking the link in NARAL’s tweet simply sends one to a piece in Rewire chiding Americans United for Life and The Susan B. Anthony List for not posting statements about Charlottesville to their websites or social media.

“Their silence contrasts with the approach of pro-choice and reproductive justice groups, many of whom see issues like police violence and racism as integrally connected to the struggle for reproductive freedom,” writes Amy Littlefield.

So maybe CNN really was onto something when they tweeted that “alt-left” is just a “made-up term,” and its enough simply to refer to “the left.” Communists are happy to knock down Confederate statues while leaving Lenin standing tall, and NARAL is happy to throw in with groups dedicated to fighting police violence (hmm, which group could that be?).

It looks like someone at NARAL, though, missed the memo from Jezebel about white women using Charlottesville to promote their “brand.”

* * *