Publications like Teen Vogue once might have been called women’s magazines or fashion magazines, but we’re well beyond that point now, with Teen Vogue in particular standing out from the pack with stories about white people adopting “digital blackface” through their choice of animated GIFs and high school kids sending vagina-shaped lollipops to the Trump White House.

Allure isn’t about to be outdone, though, and as racial tensions flared this weekend with a violent and deadly meeting of white supremacists and anti-racist protesters in Charlottesville, Va., Allure is offering the hottest of hot takes on how white women can fight white supremacy … and if you assumed the answer was centering white vaginas, well, you’re wrong.

The headline’s a bit confusing, but writer Morgan Jerkins warns against assuming Nazis are all toothless hillbillies; some are “erudite, well-dressed, and oftentimes physically attractive.” The answer, though, isn’t to have sex with Nazis; rather, the piece uses the example of Emmett Till to explain that “white women’s sexuality … often [has] been weaponized against people of color.” Actually, the whole piece seems to suggest, in a very roundabout way, that women’s sexuality just be left out of the argument altogether. Got it?

* * *