Twitter’s trending topics on Saturday were dominated by the marches, violent clashes, and apparent instance of vehicular homicide in Charlottesville, Va. Among the trending terms were #Charlottesville, #Virginia, Nazi, White Supremacists, Unite the Right, and Many Sides.

That last entry was a reference to President Trump’s televised statement on the violence in Virginia, during which he condemned hatred, bigotry, and violence which he said was coming from “many sides.”

And clearly, by attributing bigotry and violence to “many sides” and not to “white supremacists” in particular, Trump fell short in his statement in the opinion of just about everyone on social media, it seems.

Maggie Haberman of the New York Times tweeted that no member of the GOP leadership had called on the president to be more forceful, and she was right for about four minutes, when Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado issued a follow-up to an earlier tweet.

And much like Mike Huckabee, Gardner found himself winning praise for denouncing white supremacy by name.

We almost hate to say it, but she’s right. Just look at the reaction to “fire and fury.”

* * *