When we most recently checked in with Rasmussen Reports, a survey of likely voters had found that most (61 percent) opposed issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, even as California was well on its way to issuing a million this year alone.

Rasmussen has just released the results of a new survey involving photo ID and found that a substantial majority of Americans support voter ID laws, even as courts continue to overturn them on the grounds that they’re inherently racist and suppress minority voter turnout (though a recent study suggests otherwise.)

Of 1,000 likely voters surveyed, 70 percent said they think voters should be required to show photo ID at the polls, while only 25 percent disagreed.

Not surprisingly, more Republicans (87 percent) favored voter ID laws, although a majority of Democrats (55 percent) agreed that voters should be required to show photo identification.

Do the results prove that Americans are an even bigger bunch of racists that suspected, or that photo ID laws just make sense?

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