Four House Democrats have expressed concern after Google fired an engineer who had written an internal memo that many in the media mischaracterized as arguing that women biologically aren’t suited for tech jobs.

No, the members of Congress aren’t concerned that James Damore was fired for expressing his opinion inside what he called an “ideological echo chamber” — they’re concerned that the memo is indicative of a larger diversity problem that exists throughout Silicon Valley.

The Hill reports that the letter, addressed to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and signed by Democratic Reps. Robin Kelly, Pramila Jayapal, Jamie Raskin, and Jan Schakowsky, reads:

Unfortunately, the disclosure of this manifesto and release of recent diversity numbers by a number of tech companies, serve as further reminders that the very companies that aim to lead us into a connected future, maintain work environments that mirror America’s less inclusive past.

Speaking of those recent diversity numbers, Axios reported this week that Google’s really don’t reflect much diversity within the company — despite Google having spent some $265 million on initiatives to recruit a more diverse workforce.

So of course, Democrats will want tech companies like Google to spend more money to recruit women and minorities.

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