We’ve written plenty about that internal memo criticizing Google’s diversity initiatives … the one that reportedly led to women staying home from work Monday because they were so upset by it. It’s worth discussing, though; the engineer who wrote it was fired after a media firestorm that drastically mischaracterized its contents.

“I value diversity and inclusion [and] am not denying that sexism exists,” wrote James Damore, adding, “If we can’t have an honest discussion about this, then we can never truly solve the problem.”

So, naturally, Google CEO Sundar Pichai fired Damore and then scheduled that honest discussion about the topic. As it turns out, though, people won’t be able to share their feelings about Google’s “ideological echo chamber” because of a fear that they’ll be “outed.”

Bloomberg reports that the all-hands meeting was canceled after questions that were to be asked were leaked online, leaving employees afraid they’d be harassed.

Sounds like the company’s got a handle on its human resources issues, huh?

But … doesn’t a “frank, open discussion” run the risk of people’s feelings being hurt, possibly leading more sensitive employees to stay home from work?

We’re certain colleges have plenty of lessons to offer, as far as setting up safe spaces and punishing dissent. Aside from that … it’s too risky to think about.

* * *