Newsweek might have taken notice when the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect posted a list of similarities between President Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler, but that’s the sort of thing the organization does all the time.

In a piece in The Atlantic, the center’s board chair explained that teaching about the Holocaust is “not what we do,” nor was its mission to be pro-Jewish, necessarily. Plenty of people have noticed, as the organization has kept up a steady pace of tweets bashing the Trump administration and every one of its policies. The Resistance might eat it up, but even those who aren’t pro-Trump are asking what the center has to do with Anne Frank, anyway.

The Anne Frank Center has noticed people noticing, and called out its trolls in a tweet displaying its mutual disrespect for its critics.

To be fair, the center has its share of fans online, although a lot of them use words we never saw in Anne Frank’s diary.

Good question.

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