A lengthy piece published in The Daily Beast with the ominous subhead, “Feeding the Monsters,” goes into great detail about the ordeal of “one Ohio resident with head injuries after being rear-ended” who “was deported anyway—and kidnapped the same day.”

The article goes into harrowing detail about Mexican cartels and violent crime, but before getting to any of that, readers need to get past the headline: “Mom Deported Because She Didn’t Change Lanes.” We’re guessing there was room to squeeze a couple more words in the tweet, but this is what readers were given:

That’s a harsh punishment for not changing lanes, to be certain.

OK, she was in the U.S. illegally and therefore didn’t have a valid driver’s license. Plus, a computer check showed she had been returned to Mexico in 2001 after being detained in 2000 for crossing the border illegally, which she did again before settling in Ohio.

* * *