Now that the author of the infamous “anti-diversity” memo that reportedly compelled some women at Google to stay home from work has been fired and the deceptive headlines have been written, maybe the media could take a breather and, you know, read the actual memo?

The Federalist was among those outlets republishing the complete text of the memo that reportedly violated Google’s code of conduct.

Just how far off were members of the media in their interpretation of the memo? CNN changed its headline from “anti-diversity memo” to “controversial manifesto,” and CNN’s Brooke Baldwin described the author as saying, well …

CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers also read the memo and described the media’s characterization of it as “hysterical.”

Ouch. That’s what we suspected, but it’s frightening to think a corporation with the power and influence of Google is ushering new hires from one safe space into another.

That’s the impression others got as well — at least those who weren’t so reflexively offended at the idea of gender differences that they couldn’t go on reading.

From someone who’s been there …

So this is what led women to stay home from work at Google Monday and got this guy fired? If so, diversity is not the human resources problem Google should be worrying about.

* * *