Before anyone gets too bent out of shape over words being “censored,” let’s not forget that organizations like the Associated Press issue revised guidelines all of the time; for example, the AP advised journalists in 2013 to stop using the term “illegal immigrant,” arguing that “illegal” should be used only to describe an action, not a person.

Certain words disappeared from Obama administration documents as well. Officials stopped using the labels “felon” and “convict,” claiming the terms could “drain their sense of self-worth and perpetuate a cycle of crime,” preferring instead to use “person who committed a crime.”

That said, the Guardian seems upset that the Trump administration is “censoring” the use of the term, “climate change” in the USDA.

Censorship? That’s quite a claim, considering that in the text of the piece, the Guardian refers to the USDA’s “advice to staff on climate change language” and cites emails that say staffers have been “asked” to use, for example, “resilience to weather extremes” in place of “climate change adaption.”

We’re not sure how upset we’re supposed to be, even from a scientific vantage point. Maybe we’re all a little too used to, say, TV host and mechanical engineer Bill Nye the Science Guy taking pictures of the weather report on his TV and calling it climate change.

* * *