Right around the time that activists were gathering at JFK International Airport to protest President Trump’s travel ban going into effect in January, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was doing some virtue signaling on Twitter with a #WelcomeToCanada hashtag addressed to all those fleeing persecution, terror, and war, regardless of your faith.

As it turns out, quite a large number of illegals in the U.S., fearing an enforcement crackdown under the new administration, began to stream across the border into Canada, catching small border towns off guard.

The CBC issued a rather confusingly worded tweet Saturday, but in short, the United States has declared Haiti safe enough that refugees may now return, and the temporary protection status granted them expires this January.

However, thousands of Haitians are streaming into Canada in hopes of finding asylum there. However, as the CBC notes, “Canada’s own program granting Haitian nationals temporary refuge here after the earthquake has already ended, after it was extended twice by the Trudeau government.” The last extension came to an end a year ago.

Serge Bouchereau, who helped establish an advocacy group for Haitians, noted that Montreal has a large Haitian community of around 120,000 and a reputation for welcoming refugees. “Knowing Canada is a land of welcome, the word going around is that it’s open to Haitians,” he said.

However, a poll taken in March showed that nearly half of Canadians thought refugees crossing into Canada illegally from the United States should be sent back to the U.S. So, how are citizens feeling lately? Should Haitian refugees head north, or apply for status in the U.S.?

Quick … someone send Jim Acosta to Canada so he can ask if Canada’s policy on Haitian refugees violates the spirit of Justin Trudeau’s tweet.

* * *