You know that face you make when, just as you post your breaking news on a groundskeeper at a Trump National golf course allegedly violating city code, news breaks that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in the Russia investigation and West Virginia’s Democratic governor is expected to flip to the Republican Party?

The Washington Post’s David Farenthold, who won a Pulitzer for his campaign-season investigation of Donald Trump’s philanthropic claims, didn’t uncover this scoop, but he is on the phone following up.


According to Cynthia Washicko of the Daily Breeze, a groundskeeper at Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes has been violating city code by opening fire without a permit.

What do we know, then, about the rifleman, who is “ostensibly a groundskeeper” at the club? “… it’s not clear what ammunition was fired, what safety precautions course officials took or whether staff should have been allowed to heft such firepower against a gopher in the first place,” writes Washicko, who adds that “a gopher or gophers were the likely target because the critters often wreak havoc on golf courses.”

Obviously there are a lot of specifics for Farenthold to nail down but plenty of time before the next round of Pulitzers are awarded.

There’s a lot the article doesn’t say, so people are just filling in the blanks for now until the Washington Post story hits.

Even the groundskeepers hired to tend the Trump golf courses must display a lust for blood and disregard for life before being hired … ostensibly.

* * *