It’s been a full day now since CNN’s Jim Acosta decided to turn a White House briefing into a debate with senior adviser Stephen Miller over immigration, and the hot takes just keep on coming.

See, Acosta thought his performance was pretty impressive, even though he seemed to claim the only English speakers in the world live in Great Britain and Australia and thought the Emma Lazarus poem “The New Colossus” somehow had a bearing on immigration policy.

Miller reminded Acosta that the poem he quoted not only wasn’t legally binding; it wasn’t even part of the Statue of Liberty when it was erected, but added later as part of a fundraiser — a talking point he certainly picked up while he was reading white supremacist websites.

Not content to admit that Acosta got schooled, MSNBC managed to track down two historians who argued that separating the Statue of Liberty and “The New Colossus” was like separating the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Those historians will be glad to hear that their brilliant analysis was echoed by Arianna Huffington, who also wondered if America should just ignore amendments to the Constitution, since they too were added later.

Why does anyone pay attention to Arianna Huffington?

We suspect she thinks she’s making a valid point.

* * *