It’s always important to remember that despite whatever the U.S. government decides to do about Hillary Clinton’s (mis)handling of classified materials while she was secretary of state, Judicial Watch has been pursuing its own investigation, filing FOIA requests and, when those go unanswered, filing lawsuits demanding the release of documents.

On Wednesday, Judicial Watch announced it was releasing 1,606 pages of documents from the State Department “containing emails from the unsecure, non-government account of Huma Abedin.”

Last fall news broke that Abedin had forwarded government emails to her Yahoo! account to make them easier to print. And in May, former FBI director James Comey testified that thousands of Clinton’s emails, some of which contained classified information, had been forwarded to Abedin’s personal email and ended up on the laptop she shared with Anthony Weiner.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton says the emails show evidence of “pay to play, classified information mishandling, influence peddling, cover ups” and more, including chatter about Clinton or her staffers meeting with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and North Korean dictator Kim Jung II.

Previous releases have shown Abedin to have been careless when it comes to handling sensitive information. For example, she’d sent an email telling Clinton’s personal assistant that there was “a bunch of burn stuff in the pocket of my front seat” and asked if she could put it in the trunk for her.

In one email exchange, Abedin declared in all caps, “I HATE SECURE FAXES.” That exchange was with Justin Cooper, a former Clinton Foundation advisor with no security clearance who was called before the House Oversight Committee last September to explain why he destroyed two of Clinton’s Blackberry devices with a hammer.

Maybe sometime after Obamacare is repealed and construction begins on the border wall?

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