“Stephen Miller” is currently the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter in the United States following his clash with CNN’s Jim Acosta over the Trump administration’s proposed immigration policy.

It’s not unusual to see members of the media reflexively oppose anything that originates within the Trump administration, but for some reason, people were particularly bent out of shape that Miller wasn’t impressed that Acosta read bits of “The New Colossus” off of his phone as if that poem were official U.S. immigration policy.

Hey look, here’s Jim Acosta tweeting out the entire text of the poem … because that will prove … something.

A lot of people tweeted and reprinted the poem all over social media after the briefing, as well as the claim that Miller was echoing white supremacist talking points by noting that the poem was not an original feature of the Statue of Liberty but added later.

Judd Legum of ThinkProgress led off a multi-part tweet that we won’t bother with, but Rebekah Entralgo did note that white nationalists like Richard Spencer had previously called the addition of the poem “offensive.”

Chelsea Clinton retweeted Legum and mixed in a bit of “Animal Farm” for good measure, apparently not seeing the irony that the Declaration of Independence was signed by a bunch of English-speaking white men in order to establish a sovereign nation with icky borders to defend and stuff.

What’s worse than Miller allegedly echoing white supremacist talking points? His critics echoing each other. Why are these people hanging out on white supremacist websites anyway?

Or maybe he knows a little bit of U.S. history? Nah, he must have read it on a neo-Nazi blog somewhere.

Don’t leave yet … there are so many more hot takes to process.

Good talk.

Get ready for another shocker …

* * *