Those shedding tears over Anthony Scaramucci’s very brief tenure as White House communications director are few and far between online, especially after he threw a colleague or two under the bus during a vulgar tirade to a New Yorker reporter last week.

To many, Scaramucci being sent packing is a sign of abject chaos inside the Trump administration, even though America in 2016 elected a president with his own catch phrase: “You’re fired!”

Hillary Clinton’s perfectly titled campaign memoir, “What Happened,” isn’t due until September, but until then, Ready for Hillary founder and former aide Adam Parkhomenko‏ is serving up a big pitcher of lemonade he cobbled together out of some leftover lemons.

What? Sorry, we tuned out somewhere around, “Say what you will about Hillary,” so have at it.


Hey, remember when Democrats lost their minds over Mitt Romney once saying, “I like being able to fire people”? Being fired is no fun, but when you work your way up to being the boss, that’s part of the job, you know?

*cough* travel office *cough*

When you’ve lost Yglesias …

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