Not that Democrats have been ratcheting up the fear factor over the (relatively toothless) effort to repeal Obamacare, but even a standard procedural vote on Tuesday was interpreted as a literal death sentence by some more dramatically inclined citizens out there.

Sen. Chris Murphy got in on the game earlier Tuesday, apparently hoping to sway the votes of some of his Republican colleagues (or, failing that, just keep his membership in The Resistance in good standing).

Well, we know it’s not hyperbole because he said it wasn’t. Also, adding “any variant” as a qualifier was a clever move, as it precludes the need to seriously consider any amendments. Anything other than leaving Obamacare in place will bankrupt and/or kill thousands. Any questions?

That’s the question we keep asking ourselves. Maybe the eight years of prosperity everyone enjoyed under President Obama allowed us all to block out those Bush-era memories that are too psychologically scarring to confront … like shopping for health insurance on the open market.

Too late … let this be Sen. Chris Murphy’s legacy. Certainly he could have done something drastic if the lives of thousands are literally on the line.

Forget about your $2,500 savings … thousands if not millions will die!

Glad we’re all thinking clearly here.

* * *