We’d always thought Deadspin was a sports website, but then we were unaware of the site’s peculiar animosity toward Sen. Ted Cruz. Of course, the site recently changed hands after a tweet from Cruz made it clear that the senator owned Deadspin outright for the indefinite future.

As Twitchy reported, however, today is a day for progressives to concentrate their hatred on Sen. John McCain, who made a triumphant return to the Senate following eye surgery and a brain cancer diagnosis to vote on a motion to proceed with debate on the Republicans’ health care bill, the passage of which will kill 22 million people, according to some experts on Twitter.

Despite a standing ovation from his colleagues, plenty on social media made it clear they will no longer be party to anything that portrays McCain as a war hero, or a maverick, or even a decent human being. Even Deadspin — by most accounts a website about sports — slipped into first person to make it clear that news of McCain’s death is about all he could do of interest.

It’s awkward that a sports site would tweet such a personal attack, but especially awkward considering the site’s new owner.

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