As Twitchy reported earlier, President Donald Trump was scheduled to speak Monday night at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, and he didn’t hesitate to mention the absence of his predecessor, who shied away from Boy Scout events, as did several corporate sponsors and entertainers for whom the Scouts weren’t up to speed in their evolution on LGBT issues.

Here’s a shocker: Trump managed to drive the media crazy during his appearance, both by delving into politics and by insisting the news networks wouldn’t show the massive crowd. Of course, they did pan across the audience; they were pretty much compelled to, right?

Crazy how that works. While journalists were taking photos of their TV screens to prove the president was lying, “Barack Obama” managed to make a cameo appearance in a picture posted by NBC News’ Kristin Donnelly:

Boy Scout curious?

MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes wasn’t alone in thinking the president’s appearance was too political, although we might stop short of calling it a front in the never-ending culture war:

It’s literally impossible to tell the difference between today’s Jamboree and, well, Nazi Germany.

Breaking news from your Culture War correspondent Christopher Hayes, ladies and gentlemen. Wasn’t there a story just this morning about how periods aren’t just for women, and another reaffirming that “Zionist displays” would not be allowed at the Chicago Slut Walk? Now those are the cultural battles we’re supposed to be fighting.

Now that journalists are fully wakened from their long slumber, they’re starting to ask questions again, like the Washington Post’s Jia Lynn Yang here.

Serious question: did any journalist ask that same question when the Girl Scouts, a trans-friendly 501(c)(3) organization, camped out on the South Lawn of the White House as guests of Michelle Obama?

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Sorry to prolong this post, but here’s an important update from Sen. Chris Murphy, who found the whole experience “downright icky.”

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