We’re hearing word that Israel’s security council decided Monday night to remove metal detectors that had been installed at the entrances to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The Associated Press noted in its tweet that the presence of the metal detectors “angered Muslims.” This most likely does not refer to those Muslims who sat home and stewed quietly; it’s more likely a reference to the rioting which led to what Reuters called the “worst Israeli-Palestinian bloodshed for years.”

One young Muslim was apparently so angered by the installation of metal detectors, he hopped a fence, broke into a family’s home while they were having dinner, and stabbed three Israelis to death.

Now that the metal detectors are being dismantled, peace is bound to return. Right?

In the place of metal detectors, Israel will install more technologically advanced and less obtrusive technologies that will allow “smart inspection” — at least until several days of rioting convinces Israel to dismantle those too.

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