Many people are still marveling that someone with a past as, um, colorful as Donald Trump’s could possibly be president, while others are getting pretty excited at the thought of Sen. Kid Rock’s swearing in ceremony. It’s difficult to complain, though, when your team boasts a Saturday Night Live cast member and used to vote alongside a former Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan.

And then there’s Rick Perry, who tried to parlay his experience as governor of Texas into a stint in the White House, but somehow ended up doing dance routines on network TV with Vanilla Ice.

Perry didn’t win, but somebody apparently liked his energy. He was confirmed as U.S. Secretary of Energy in March.

Fast forward a bit to July, and we see Perry’s transformation to Boy Scout. We imagine liberals would be more compelled to ridicule Perry in this shot than in the one with Vanilla Ice, but we’re nerds and we think it’s pretty awesome.

President Trump will be making an appearance at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree as well, and that’s bigger news than it might seem.

While President Obama was happy to mingle with the Girl Scouts camping out on the South Lawn — for which he received effusive praise:

The Boy Scouts have been an altogether more problematic organization when it comes to LGBT issues, although they’ve folded pretty comprehensively on issues like water guns. But it’s no secret that the Boy Scouts of America was politically toxic during the Obama administration, with the president not hesitating to pressure the organization to “evolve” like he himself did on gay rights not too much earlier. Companies pulled their sponsorships, and performers refused to play.

In any case, we think Secretaries Zinke and Perry look great.

* * *