As Twitchy reported earlier, Dan Rather is out on the road with his grandson and sending back from the heartland reviews of everything from airports to restaurants to restrooms.

Rather hasn’t been gone that long, which makes it seem a bit presumptuous that Katie Couric of all people would surface to weigh in on fake news. According to an interview she did with the New York Daily News, she’s against it: at the very least, she believes that it’s tearing America apart at the seams.

The Daily News reports that Couric is preparing to co-host OZY Fest, which will feature newsmakers like Samantha Bee, who hosts a fake news program, “Full Frontal,” on TBS, and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who didn’t appear to bat an eyelash when Rolling Stone’s story, “A Rape on Campus,” was revealed to be a hoax, who invited “Mattress Girl” to be her guest at the State of the Union address, and yet dismissed the undercover Planned Parenthood videos as “cheap stunts.”

OK then.

Asked her solution to America’s fake news program, Couric could have stated the obvious — stop reporting news that isn’t true — but instead called for everyone to be less judgmental. Maybe it’s just us, but isn’t that exactly the environment in which fake news thrives?

Seriously. For as long as Couric has been in the news business, we only have to back up just over a year to find Couric being busted for using deceptive editing in her anti-gun film to make a group of gun rights advocates appear stumped by her question.

That’s her. Her excuse? By editing in unrelated footage of the group preparing to be interviewed, she was just giving the viewing audience some time to ponder the important question she’d just asked.

* * *