It’s troubling when we at Twitchy have to write a post like this one, but it has to be done. While we enjoy following his Twitter feed, the Chronicle of Higher Education on Wednesday highlighted some ugly, violent rhetoric that we just can’t ignore.

In short, “The Chronicle Review” this week provided Nancy MacLean, professor of history and public policy at Duke University, with the opportunity to answer critics of her new book, “Democracy in Chains,” and MacLean exposed what appears to be a vague yet credible threat:

In case the text is difficult to read on some screens, MacLean alleged that “attacks” on her work were coordinated and at times “quite threatening,” such as Goldberg’s suggestion in National Review that she worry about the “the libertarian super-posse” getting on her ass over her unflattering characterization of economist James Buchanan.

Sure, Jonah, try to talk your way out of this one rather than just man-up and apologize.

Or maybe Goldberg’s review was a dog whistle to the Libertarian Super Posse.

They’ll come to you if they deem you worthy.

* * *