As soon as it was announced that Sen. John McCain was diagnosed with a brain tumor, we knew it was coming: the deluge of tweets about how it’s nice for him that he can afford health care, but why doesn’t he want others with cancer to receive treatment, blah, blah, blah.

Surely enough, we’ve stumbled over hundreds of nearly identical takes: it’s too bad John McCain doesn’t want average people to have access to affordable health care. However, the douchebaggery of quasi-celebrity “Beyoncé professor” Kevin Allred really stands out, which we suppose he’d take as a point of pride.

OK, this next one’s been deleted already; it said, “plus, he’s like a million years old. these things happen. sad for his family i guess, but i’ve already moved on…” Phew, that’s what had us all worried the moment we heard … how will Beyoncé professor Kevin Allred take this news?

Well, then, at least answer this: if John McCain — hardly the most conservative of Republicans — shows zero sympathy for others, what, exactly, is the government supposed to do? Conscript doctors right out of medical school and force them to work for the government at a predetermined stipend?

Please, be specific when you demand “affordable health care for all” — even assuming it’s the government’s job to care for the sick, just how will that work, exactly? How can a doctor even charge for her services … sympathy should be its own motivator, right?

But wait … there’s more.

And now this one’s gone too:


Actually, we here at Twitchy even stood up for Allred, who teaches a course called “Politicizing Beyoncé,” when another tasteless tweet of his — “Will the Second Amendment be as cool when I buy a gun and start shooting at random white people or no …?” — landed him in hot water at Rutgers and saw him taken for a psychological evaluation by the police.

Douchebag tweets, like Wednesday night’s attention grabs regarding John McCain, are the guy’s stock in trade. Maybe Allred should get out and met some real-live conservatives if he really believes none has ever wished a Democrat well.

Yep, keep showing those true colors. It’s what Bey would want.

* * *