It seems like longer to us, but it was only February when thugs smashed windows, set fires, and rioted in the streets around the University of California, Berkeley, in protest of a speech by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos that didn’t even happen.

Since then, schools have become even stingier when it comes to finding speaking venues for conservatives. Berkeley canceled an April appearance by Ann Coulter because it couldn’t find — get this — a “safe space” in which to host her talk.

Fast forward to September 2017. That would seem to be far enough into the future for organizers at UC Berkeley to find a room in which Ben Shapiro could give a speech on behalf of the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) and the Berkeley College Republicans, but according to YAF’s Spencer Brown, the school just can’t find a suitable space, despite “extensive efforts.”

Funny how much smaller schools have managed to host little tent cities where celebs can drop by while students protest the lack of diversity in the curriculum, but when a conservative requests one open auditorium …

Here’s a secret we’ll share with Berkeley: all the clowns wearing black kerchiefs over their faces and carrying pepper spray and creating a huge security risk? They didn’t come with Ben; those are your people. Make ’em take off their masks if you don’t believe us.

* * *