The idea that President Trump was assembling a “voter suppression” commission — the name some of his opponents gave to his Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity — raised alarm bells with the left as soon as it was announced. Progressives seem to agree that stories of voter fraud are wildly exaggerated while the government ignores — and in some cases promotes — voter suppression by trying to keep traditionally Democratic groups from the polls by, for example, requiring photo IDs or proof of residency.

The New York Times made note that the commission, headed by Vice President Mike Pence, began work today under the shadow of “at least seven lawsuits challenging its conduct, its transparency and even its reason for being.” Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a Republican, has been a controversial presence on the commission, and after Wednesday’s meetings, he stirred the pot even more by suggesting that Hillary Clinton’s popular vote victory might be in question.

Seeing as that’s been one of the top talking points of “the resistance” for months now … ouch. It was NBC’s Katy Tur who rushed toward that burning question like a fire fighter.

Maybe that national do-over vote that celebs like Rosie O’Donnell were demanding is in order after all? Nah. Still, how many die-hard “I’m With Her” voters out there can tell you, off the top of their heads, the exact vote count?

Check out MSNBC’s helpful chyron also, with “shares no evidence” in parentheses after Trump’s claim of voting irregularities.

We were really, really looking forward to start this fight all over again, and here we go.

We feel for you, but as conservatives, we still want to know … what is so wrong with having voters present photo ID? Again, that’s a fight that’s been fought over and over and over. What about people who are too poor to have a photo ID? How about if the state provides them for free? Well, how do voters get to the DMV to have their photo taken if they’re too poor to get there? And around and around and around it goes. Come on, free photo IDs for everybody with proof of residence and citizenship, OK? Please?

Or we can just keep fighting over Hillary.

That’s not a bad suggestion. Look — with sad clowns like Rep. Steve Cohen introducing his “Resolution of No Confidence in President Donald J. Trump,” the fact is the vote doesn’t even matter. “The Resistance” has made it perfectly clear they’ll obstruct the White House at every opportunity regardless. Look how many online won’t even spell out the president’s name, still.

For the record, the White House is sticking with the vote as tallied.