Unbelievable. How long has it been now since the NRA released its video called “The Violence of Lies,” which features spokesperson Dana Loesch providing the narration over a montage of news footage of leftists smashing windows and setting fires?

The NRA has released plenty of videos since, but something about that one really resonated with people, particularly people who consider themselves progressive. Maybe it was the inability to accept the truth: that a never-ending stream of over-the-top rhetoric about an illegitimate president spread by the media and Hollywood had spilled over into the streets, inspiring groups like the “antifa” to police free speech on college campuses and shut down dissent with vandalism and rioting.

Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy tweeted, “I think the @NRA is telling people to shoot us.” Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom of California tweeted that the video “sent a chill down my spine.”  The Women’s March — which just wished a happy birthday to a convicted cop-killer hiding out in Cuba — demanded that the “dangerous” video be taken down immediately.

And the Left is still at it, compelled to interpret scenes of “the resistance” running riot as a call for violence against the Left. On Tuesday evening, Loesch was again defending the video, this time on “The Story with Martha MacCallum.” Matt Bennett of the centrist (i.e., liberal) think tank Third Way was in charge of projection, claiming the scenes of violence by the Left were somehow a call to violence against the Left.

For what it’s worth, Loesch was taking Bennett to school right around the time the co-creator of #BlackLivesMatter was giving the Women’s March a pat on the back for praising a convicted cop-killer.

Yeah, well, praising a wanted terrorist convicted of killing a police officer does rub some people the wrong way. Traditional types, mostly.

By all means, though, drag Loesch and the NRA for showing the Left in its current state: unhinged and in the streets.

* * *