Wow … the Left really, really, really, really does not like the NRA’s spot featuring narration by Dana Loesch over a backdrop of violence provided by “progressives” smashing windows, setting fires, blocking interstates, etc. Sen. Chris Murphy actually tweeted that the message he took from the spot was, “I think the @NRA is telling people to shoot us.”

Of course, pressure on the NRA and Loesch to take down the spot has been immense, with Women’s March organizer and co-president Tamika D. Mallory issuing a lengthy statement demanding that the spot be taken down immediately.

Yeah, that didn’t happen, and it won’t be happening. As Twitchy reported, the Women’s March showed its true colors Monday by celebrating the birthday of Assata Shakur, aka Joanne Chesimard, who escaped prison and fled to Cuba after being found guilty in 1977 of first degree murder, assault and battery of a police officer, assault with a dangerous weapon, assault with intent to kill, illegal possession of a weapon, and armed robbery. But guns are bad, OK?

So lefties don’t like the NRA ad that showcases the violent side of the progressive movement, but they also celebrate Assata Shakur.

Hell yes it stays, and the acolytes of violent revolutionaries like Shakur smashing windows and setting fires as protest are precisely the reason why.

* * *