As each month goes by, we’re learning more and more about the “Women’s March” and just what it stands for … really. We’ve said it before: the initial march was a huge success, because the majority of the country saw it as an opportunity for women angry over Trump’s election to gather in solidarity.

However, as the organizers behind the Women’s March limp along in search of that next big moment that will draw the masses back to the streets, they’re falling back on their radical roots; on Monday, for example, celebrating the birthday of Assata Shakur.

Something similar happened in Chicago last month at the 21st annual Chicago Dyke March, when participants waving a pride flag with the star of David were ejected from the festivities, a decision made by organizers “after they repeatedly expressed support for Zionism during conversations with Dyke March Collective members.” It’s not that they were Jewish, organizers later explained in a statement, but that they were pro-Israel. Besides, the flags allegedly were making some people at the event feel unsafe.

Now, a story in Haaretz suggests that the award-winning LGBT writer who reported on the expulsion of the pro-Israel marchers lost her job for doing so.

The Times of Israel reports that award-winning reporter Gretchen Rachel Hammond was removed from reporting duties and relegated to the sales desk. “Hammond confirmed that she is no longer reporting for the paper, but declined to say whether she was moved because of her coverage of the Dyke March. She said the shift is not temporary, and that she is looking for editorial work elsewhere,” the Times reports.

The Dyke March organizers’ response to the news was even more petty than expected.

No tears, says Hammond.

Oh, and speaking of the Women’s March? Guess who also got a birthday shout-out from the Chicago Dyke March?

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