It wasn’t a big story at the time, but it had a happy ending. A couple of years ago, Marquette University in Milwaukee unveiled its new mural adorning the school’s Gender and Sexuality Resource Center: a portrait of Assata Shakur and two of her most famous quotes.

The plus side: when senior leadership at the school were made aware of the mural, they ordered it painted over, immediately.

After tweeting birthday wishes to Assata Shakur Monday, the organizers of the Women’s March took exactly the opposite approach, doubling down ten times over in a 20-tweet exposition on why Shakur is considered a feminist icon, or should be in their minds.

That it is.

Hang on, there’s more … a lot more.

That sounds pretty violent. Did Shakur fire any of those shots? It’s not clear from the tweet.

Hmm … with all this talk about “the far right” being afraid of the Women’s March and these “right-wing attempts” to discredit political activists like them, we’d be tempted to suspect the Women’s March isn’t what it presented itself to be back in January — an event for all women (well, except pro-life women) and men too.

Just for the record, there was a time before the march when co-president Tamika Mallory insisted the event was “not anti-Trump” but simply “pro-women” … which explains Madonna fantasizing on stage about blowing up the White House. Yeah, the Women’s March wasn’t anti-Trump, and Assata Shakur is a feminist hero, too.

* * *