Maybe it’s just us, but the time seems to be shrinking between when a Republican proposes something and the media rushes forward with a heartbreaking personal story of a real person touched by that policy.

It should work the other way too, but it rarely does; check out video of Stephen Colbert and guest Patrick Stewart dying in melodramatic Shakespearian fashion as they mocked the idea that there were “victims” of Obamacare. OK, maybe the president lied about keeping your doctor and saving $2,500 in premiums each year, but millions will certainly die if it’s repealed and replaced with any Republican plan.

So when the Supreme Court ruled that President Trump’s travel ban was not unconstitutional, the race was on to find real-world victims (preferably not hoaxes). Sure enough, the press found a girls robotics team from Afghanistan that was supposed to travel to D.C. for the FIRST Global Challenge but was denied entry. So much for all that talk about encouraging girls to pursue STEM fields.

Since we’re conservatives and already branded as heartless … no, it doesn’t seem fair that the team should be denied visas, but we also kind of like the revival of the unpopular idea that yes, nations have borders and the right to enforce them.

As it turns out, the Afghan girls’ team will be coming to the United States after all, after the president reportedly interceded on their behalf.

According to media reports, the girls were rejected at least twice by the State Department, which does not disclose details of its decision making. However, Politico reports that “one common reason Afghans are rejected for U.S. entry is the concern that they will overstay their visas and refuse to go back home.”

Why are they publicizing it? Because it’s an important update to a story that went viral? News? And why should their visas have been a given?

The State Department hereby grants your visa because:

  • Your story made us cry.
  • Your story made us laugh.
  • Your photo was so cute.
  • We don’t want people to think we’re mean.


* * *