After a group of female reporters shared that they had been denied entrance to the Speaker’s lobby on a hot day because of their sleeveless dresses, word quickly spread that Speaker Paul Ryan’s “new” dress code (which had been in effect under the former Speaker as well) was the equivalent of “white Sharia,” with male politicians requiring women to dress like fictional handmaids because they couldn’t be held accountable for their actions were they to see uncovered female arms.

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, showing no self-awareness whatsoever, praised Ryan for updating the dress code. Pelosi might want to hold off, though, until she finds out just how far Ryan is going to go in modernizing the dress code for men.

Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana, we’ve been told, has been wanting to wear his male romper — aka the RompHim, 2017’s hottest fashion trend — on the House floor. Banks was too shy to bring it up, so Sen. Todd Young stepped up to make Banks’ wishes known.

Young took some flak for spending precious seconds of the people’s time on a joke, but at least it was new. People still don’t seem to get that “the Ryan rule” about sleeveless dresses wasn’t his creation.

Yes, thanks … literally hundreds of people already posted exactly the same thing a week ago.

To be honest, you know who’s into the RompHim? BlackLivesMatter activist DeRay Mckesson, who’s been rocking them all summer. If his blue vest can make it into Hollywood blockbusters, this is bound to be next.

He wasn’t kidding, and the blue vest works pretty well with the pink RompHim, not to mention the paint splatter RompHim.

* * *