The organizers of the Women’s March were in a bit of a lull. Sure, the original Women’s March was a success by just about any standard, drawing both tremendous publicity and massive crowds worldwide of men and women in pussy hats, who were then treated to some sort of free-form word jazz from Ashley Judd about her menstrual cycle.

Part of the appeal of that first march, though, was that it was so formless: despite some dubious claims that it had nothing to do with Donald Trump, it had everything to do with Donald Trump and his surprise defeat of Hillary Clinton. The agenda onstage, for those who tried to follow it, was all over the place, but at least you knew the person in the crowd next to you hated Trump too.

But to stay viable, the Women’s March has to grow beyond the pussy hats and confront specific issues. The anti-gun, anti-NRA field is already crowded with players, but that NRA ad featuring Dana Loesch and scenes of leftist mobs rioting in the streets touched a lot of nerves.

The Women’s March is holding its #NRA2DOJ protest Friday, and Loesch is devoting her radio show to countering their message. A lot of people on social media, too, are displaying avatars in solidarity.

Here’s the pitch from the Women’s March:

And here’s the response, often accompanied by the hashtag, #NotMyMarch.

“Farrakhan’s Anarchist Angels?” Not that Loesch and the NRA were pulling any punches before, but damn.

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Fox News was kind enough to upload video of Loesch’s appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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